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Marine fish

Sea Bass feed

Features of the seafood feed company Kimiyagaran-e Taghziyeh

  • Use of up-to-date technology to produce feed tailored to the needs of the species and environmental conditions for the full benefit of aquatic food according to the required buoyancy (floating, submerged, sink)
  • Production of feed to protect the environment, both during production and during breeding and no water pollution.
  • Conversion of all raw materials into micron particles for maximum absorption by aquatic and subsequently reducing feed conversion ratio


Protein (minimum)


Fat (minimum)


Fiber (minimum)


Humidity (maximum)


Feed size (mm)

Larvae up to Reproduction

Fish weight (grams)

Physical characteristics and analyses of Sea Bass feeds
Note 1: The feeding times are highly associated with the oxygen percentage and the farm water temperature.

  • Marine fish feeds are produced based on the latest scientific findings in the world and the research projects conducted on fish farming centers. These endeavors have resulted in the production of high-quality feeds followed by positive reports on the growth and FCR of the fish from the farming centers..
  • Since marine fish are mostly farmed in a semi-intensive manner, it is critical to pay particular attention to their feed and fulfill their nutritional needs. This company has produced a nutritionally complete feed for these fish taking into account all their vital needs, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins..
  • Marine fish feed from the productions of this company, primarily aimed at meeting the nutritional needs of fish and ensuring their rapid growth with minimum losses. All the company’s experts and consultants spare no pains for the production of a type of food with the greatest efficiency in all saline, brackish and fresh waters.
  • Considering that marine fish, particularly Sea Bass and Sea Bream, are characterized by intensive farming capability, tolerance of a broad range of environmental conditions, and fecundity, Kimiyagaran-e-Taghziyeh Co. has tried to meet the nutritional needs of these productive fish and increase their reproductive efficiency using the best raw materials.